B2B Appointment Setting

We'll create opportunities with clients interested in your business' products and services.

We set appointments so that your sales team has additional opportunities to meet with new clients, present your offering, develop relationships, and increase your sales.

We customize an appointment setting program for each of our clients--let us know what works best for your team!

Some of our standard options include:

Appointment confirmations:
  • We'll send an email within 15 minutes of the call to confirm the appointment.
  • We'll call the day before the appointment to confirm.
  • We'll send an email the day before the appointment to confirm.

Customizable Reports:
  • We'll generate weekly reports showing every call that was made for you.
  • We can include specialized fields or data.
  • We'll create customized reports to meet your business' specific needs.

Strong Communication:
  • We keep you informed with our progress every step of the way.
  • We contact each sales rep. weekly to determine if appointments are what they want.
  • We'll have regular conference calls to talk through challenges, successes, and plans.

Contact List Options:
  • We'll provide a contact list based upon SIC codes, number of employees, and geography.
  • We'll monitor that list and import new contacts as needed to keep momentum going.
  • We'll work with your team and can focus our efforts on their handpicked lists.

Calling into Different Sectors:
  • We'll call into several verticals and sectors simoultaneously.
  • We'll customize our key talking points differently for each market sector.
  • We'll provide feedback and comparison of sector results.

Working with Your Reps
  • We'll book appointments based on your team’s availability and abilities.
  • We'll assign all appointments to specific sales reps based upon your criteria.
  • We'll access your sales team's google calendar to coordinate scheduling.
  • We'll communicate directly with each rep. to ensure that their unique needs are met.

We take detailed notes and logs for each appointment so that your team can do their best work and fulfill all of the clients needs.
Our goal is for the client to have a seamless experience, from first contact to congratulations on a job well done.

We have decades of experience and every business we work with is unique. Let us know what your business needs to be successful.