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Energy Inside Sales is pleased to serve the energy industry. Businesses are continually seeking building controls and automation, energy surveys and audits, overall cost reduction, and greener energy strategies. We know that your energy services and products are of high value to businesses, but finding time to contact those companies to generate interest is difficult for most businesses.

We help growing companies from the energy sector develop a full sales pipeline and specialize in the following services:

  • Cold calling and prospecting to your potential market. If you want to find new clients, you need to be pro-active and continually reach out to that market.
  • Lead generation services: Our mission is to find out which prospects are qualified and which prospects have a genuine interest in your offering.
  • Appointment setting campaigns: Our services involve calling your prospects and then setting an appointment for your sales team to begin to cultivate those sales.
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We will handle everything from creating a prospect list, developing key talking points, market segment strategizing to scheduling appointments for you.

Energy Inside Sales has been serving the energy industry since 2005.

Energy Inside Sales has been serving the energy industry since 2005

Energy Inside Sales has created cold calling campaigns and customized marketing programs based upon our years of experience and our expertise in the energy market. Energy companies need to find a new path to business growth and they are utilizing our services to put them on the highway to new sales and revenues.

Companies specializing in energy have huge growth potential.


Energy Inside Sales has worked in the energy market sector since 2005 reaching out to businesses across the country to assess their needs and interests in energy services and products. From there, we set the appointment for our clients and their sales team to begin to educate those prospects and move forward with closing the sale.

Cold calling, lead generation, and appointment setting services for your business.


Most companies involved in the energy industry perceive the huge growth potential as businesses invest in greener and more efficient energy strategies. In order to achieve the highest level of growth, you may need to outsource your inside sales activities to build a steady stream of prospects and a full sales pipeline.

Energy Inside Sales • Featured Video

The video from Energy Inside Sales will introduce you to our energy services. Our marketing programs include cold calling, lead generation, and appointment setting. These services will result in a solid sales pipeline with qualified prospects and strong growth potential. Click here to watch the video.