Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

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We provide telemarketing and cold calling for the purpose of generating leads and setting appointments for you or your sales team. We complete the leg work in the sales process and allow your sales team to focus on their core tasks of closing and negotiating sales.

Most of our clients are small to medium sized companies with one to five sales representatives. Our clients are from all types of industries including hvac, refrigeration, energy, manufacturing, oil and gas, and other products and services. Our clients are located throughout the US and Canada.

Our team has an average age of 45 and 80% have some college or a bachelor’s degree. In addition, our team has an average of 22 years of business experience each and cold calling experience averages 6.4 years each. Our team is able to represent complex products and services due to their high experience level.

Your program manager is your primary contact. The primary role of the program manager is to refine your program based upon your feedback, so your feedback is essential to the long-term success of any program.

Reports are emailed each morning between 8 am and 9 am CST and reflect the results from the prior business day. Your daily reports will include an All Calls report – which lists and details every call that was made on your behalf. In addition, we will send any leads or appointments in a separate report. The Appointment Report shows the history of the contact, details of all prior calls, address, answers to qualifying questions, and recommended follow up action. In addition, we can also provide custom reports upon request to better suit your needs.

Yes - in most cases. We are able to provide the calling list based upon our standard factors of SIC codes (type of business), number of employees, yearly revenue, and geographical location (defined by zip code, city, county, metro, or state).

Rich Enterprises was founded in 1999. We offer a wide array of marketing and telephone services. We are a boutique type operation. We consistently modify our services and approach to adapt to our clients.

The program outline provides a strong foundation for your telemarketing program. The outline contains the program objectives, contact list criteria, qualifying and probing questions, scripting, email script, and objections.

Absolutely! We can send your marketing collateral via fax and email to prospects that have expressed an interest. In fact, distribution of marketing collateral is included at no charge.

We provide our services with a set hourly rate – based upon the length of the program and based the number of hours each week.

We do not have any setup charge. We do not charge for the program outline, contact list (if based upon our standard factors), database preparation, or other set up charges.

Our smallest package is designed for a company that is interested in testing telemarketing and determining the effectiveness for their market and industry. This program begins with only ten hours per week and the pilot program lasts for only four weeks.

If you have any questions, please contact us through our website. We look forward to the potential of working with you.