B2B Cold Calling

Strategic and skilled telemarketing targeting the best prospects for your business.

First, we rank prospective clients based on a number of factors, matching potential clients to your business offerings. By focusing on the best potential clients, we save time and money and get the best results for your business.

We contact companies and entities to determine their needs for your products and services via telemarketing.

Our staff are experienced specifically in the B2B energy market. They are knowledagble about products and needs as well as skilled at tailoring their approach as needed.

We call well suited potential business clients to engage in meaningful conversations.

Our outbound cold calling campaign is supplemented by distributing marketing collateral to interested prospects. Your businesses marketing collateral can be sent via fax or email to potential clients.

Our priority is to determine if opportunities fall within the parameters for your business based upon qualifying questions.

We will discern whether potential clients have upcoming opportunities and the time frame. We will schedule follow up calls and initiate calls as needed. Opportunities will be reported to you.

Based on your target market and demographics, we import the contact list into a database which is maintained and updated as needed.

Continual monitoring of your program is included to ensure that it accomplishes desired results.